Friday, November 19, 2010


HATS!   Do you like hats?  There are some of us who just don't.  It could be the cutest hat in the world but don't you dare put it on my head!  The look on this little face will tell it all....awwww!

I on the other hand do like hats! like me!  It's fun to wear them.  I know sometimes they make ya hot or give ya a headache after awhile...but darn when they look cute you gotta suffer even  it's  for a  little
while right? 

The Fall and Winter season the most incredible hats come out.  This season is the floppy hat even in
winter.  Yes! Can you believe it?  I simply can't is showin' it!  They can look really cute
even in winter!  Of course you have your beanies, berets, caps, and short brimmed hats.  Then there
is the hat that Grandma made that is thick thick crochet that resembles an afghan piled on your head.
Love you Grammy!!!! and all the slippers, scarves, and blankets you have made us all! XO

So try a hat on! Or two or three!  They can pull an outfit together!  Look at the new future Queen of
England.  Ms Kate!  Lucky girl...but then again...all that protocol...maybe not so much.  She wears
all kinds of great hats! How fun!

So good ahead pick a hat! Wear it proudly! 
Hats off to you! 
XO Carrie


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