Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, anyone ever have hair troubles?  Well once upon a time
long long ago...I had long hair and decided I wanted to try a
pixie cut!  oooooo....nooooo....Spent way too much money and
left looking like Dorothy Hamil (famous ice skater with a famous
hair cut in the 80's).   My hair tragedy as I explained above
happened in the mid 90's.  Never again did I do that. 

Although recently I wanted a change!  Uh oh!  My friends and
family run when I say to them,  "you know I was thinkin'" have never seen people look like deer
in headlights and then run for the nearest exit!  Truly  a remarkable
site to see. 

In my picture up that you see is what I did look like.   Got tired
of the same old haircut, long just hanging there.  So I wanted
one of those super layered haircuts with beach waves.  Yeah well,
if I had some wave to my hair that might have  worked.  I told my
hairdresser no razor...hate that thing.  But, no...she told me
it would be ok. Uh.huh. Ok ended up with what was ok, but I
had to go the extra mile and go get perm.  If you don't
know what that is it's a special perm that the Korean people came
up with.  If I would have gone to the person who knew the right
digital perm to do I might have saved a haircut.  But no....not for was a body wave. Oh my goodness.  So my mom who is a
retired hairdresser had to try to fix it for me.  She did, bless her
heart and her 70 yr old hands.   But it still looks like I fell down in
front of a lawn mower that rolled right over the back of my head. 

So now, I am going to a hairdresser I am hoping will fix it and I 
can move on from my hair saga.  Gotta go for that bob haircut which bob hair cut do you like?   I know! They all look
alike I know... I know.  
Wishing you happy happy hair!
XO  Carrie


  1. you should do the second one. but also make one side longer than the other so that it is SUPER asymmetrical. i had a friend who did it, let me tell you... so worth it :)

  2. Hi Lesya! Second one! Super cute isn't it! I actually got it cut again...I chickened out on the second one and went with the first....check back soon for my video of my salon visit! So glad you are visiting with me!!!! Stay tuned!!
    Thanks so much for your vote!! They do help!!!
    XO Carrie

  3. Hey Geena!!!! you like the second one too!!! Super cute but I went with the first one. I am going back again to get it cut one more time...! Ahhhh can you believe it? I made a video of my salon visit so stay tuned for the video soon! Thanks so much for your vote, they do help!!! Thank you for tuning into my blog!
    XO Carrie

  4. I think the first one is great!! it has a little more volume than the second one! ^o^


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