Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shannon's Passport - Day off!

Shannons Passport Day Off

This look was done for my sister.  She traveled recently to
London with  my niece.  I was sooooo jealous but I got
over it and was happy they had a wonderful time and came
home to us safe!  I could totally see my sister wearing this
on a fun day of shopping in London! Love you sis! 
This look would work anywhere in the world while shopping...
cause shopping is wonderful!!!!! Don't you agree???
Wishing you blissful days of shopping! 
XO  Carrie
Shannons Passport Day Off by Carrie Fabulous featuring chain jewelry
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  1. that cuff is one of the most gorgeous things i have yet seen!! good eye its beautiful.

  2. Hi Lesya! I know that cuff is awesome isn't it? And affordable too! Which makes it all that more tempting! What is a girl to do???
    XO Carrie
    Thank you for your compliments!!!!


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