Sunday, December 19, 2010



Expectations....this one meets mine....look confident and
a bit rocker! There is a bit of rocker in everyone don't ya
think?   Oh it's there somewhere.....

Wishing you a rockstar day!
XO  Carrie

Expectations by Carrie Fabulous featuring cotton jackets
Black Cobweb Long Sleeve Crop
18 GBP -
Miss Selfridge tops »

Cutie black shimmer military jacket
35 GBP -
Cotton jackets »

Mariposa Heel
$88 -
Peeptoe heels »

Gold Vintage Facet Ring
10 GBP -
Vintage style jewelry »

D.L. & Co. Edelweiss Candle Set
$40 -

Vogue Vogues Fashions night out Tote bag
10 GBP -


  1. Hi Carrie!

    I love those shoes and that jacket is amazing. I love the shoulders. I've got a thing for shoulders. I'm thinking of bringing back some shoulder pads to my jackets. Maybe... :)

    Thanks so much for the comment! How are you enjoying all this rain?
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon!


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