Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shannon's Passport - Carry On!

Shannons Passport Red

Well this is one of a series I did for my sister Shannon!  She and
my niece Kandee...whom some of you know were traveling to
London for one of Kandee's Glaminars!  We were talking about
what to wear while she was I decided to dress my
big sister!  So when you see Shannon's Passport  you know
the story behind it! For those of you who know who my sister
is or seen her in person...don't ya think she would look just
FABULOUS in this outfit!  Uh-huh!!!
XO  Carrie

Shannons Passport Red by Carrie Fabulous featuring hoop earrings
Sharkbite Wrap Cardigan
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Hoop Earrings
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Ladies Umbrella
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Betmar French Beret
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San Francisco Framed Wall Art
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USA Passport Cover
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  1. i think this is absolutely amazing! everything about this storyboard is screaming "buy me buy me!i wont cost you a whole weeks wage, and i'll make you look uber chic" i am super in love with this striped cardigan and must be finding me one! smiles, as for the trench, sighs my heart is a flutter. Very shannon indeed, i think you have definately found your calling my friend!


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