Friday, December 3, 2010



Oh man!  It's Strut not hammertime...just Strut time!  Looking so
hot in these fire red shoes....and a real style military jacket.  Looking really
good!  Strut your stuff in this!
XO  Carrie
Strut by Carrie Fabulous featuring cropped jeans
Double Scoop Tunic
$24 -
Denim tops »

Textured tweed coat
175 GBP -
Tweed coat »

Hoop Earrings
30 GBP -
Acrylic jewelry »

Alexander Wang Shirt Loose Black
79 EUR -


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  1. hmmm i think my next visit, i'm hiring you to make me a whole new wardrobe! your work should be adorning the pages of magazines.x


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