Monday, December 6, 2010

When I am down...these make me happy!!!

I know what it feels like to be down or sad. Sometimes
even as hard as it is we need to find something to
feel happy about.  It can be the smallest things. For
me....some the things below are my favorites to
lift my spirits!

I have a thing about those
furry things. Check these out!
Oneill slippers $30 on

I love perfumes!!! If I could I would have
500 of them! One of my latest finds is
Tokyo Milk! Incredible scents! My latest French Kiss $26...find 'em and
smell 'em! Mmmm...good.

I have a love affair with my jammies! I
actually can hear them calling me at night!
These look cozy to me and the plaid wow
talk about winter jammies! I do own a
pair of these!  $39.50 We luuuuvvvv each other!

From the time I was a little thing I have been in
love with the movies! They use to say I was
going to end up with square eyes! I STILL
love them! They take me away! Under the
Tuscan Sun is one of my personal favorites....a
great comeback story where it all truly ends
beautifully just when you think it can't!

TEA!!!!!!!!! Another fave after
Starbucks of course but when you have put
your favorite jammies on, slippers, perfume,
and popped that movie in this finishes
it off. You are ready for a fun evening!
This tea is one of the best I have
tried. Time to drink winter tea!!!
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride $9.99

Wishing you a great evening and happiness
that will make your heart explode!!!!!
BIG HUG!!!!!
XO Carrie

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  1. I absolutely looooove tea. Almost as much as coffee! Thanks for the reminder to stock up. I'm almost out due to the bronchitis and laryngitis I was fighting for weeks! And this flavor sounds delish.


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