Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Love

In Love

Who doesn't  want to be in Love?  There are so many things be
in love with!  The possibilities are endless....what  a great thing
Love love this dress and those sandals! Just like a
commercial wearing this with the wind slightly blowing walking
on the beach! Can you feel the breeze?
XO  Carrie

In Love by Carrie Fabulous featuring a stretch denim jacket
Nude Diamond Dress
85 GBP -
Diamond dresses »

Large cream suitcase with stud detail
520 GBP -
Cream bags »

Twist And Stone Bangles
$6.80 -
Braided jewelry »


  1. Hi my dear friend! Thanks so much...can you just feel the breeze on the beach with the sunseting? I love that!!! XO
    Thanks for the compliment!


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