Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celeste - One Top 3 Ways

Celeste One Top

This is the Celeste page....Celeste wrote in and asked about
buying pieces that go together.  Well I chose one shirt and
just mixed and matched it.  Three looks from one shirt.  Now
Celeste and I share a love of greys, blacks, just that darker
palate.  This was fun to show the versatility of that one shirt.
Take one of your favorite shirts and really look at it.  Imagine
wearing it say... to a meeting how would you match it up to
what is in your closet?  Imagine wearing it out to a fun and
casual dinner?  Imagine wearing it to a party?  Try to put
yourself in a situation and go from there!  Hope this has
helped a bit?  That top by the way, is something new
at Wetseal...check it out!
Again, just have fun being creative! 
XO  Carrie

Celeste One Top by Carrie Fabulous featuring pewter bracelets
Black Military Jacket
32 GBP -
Cotton military jacket »

bustle back satin trim pencil skirt
32 GBP -
Satin skirt »

Mariposa Heel
$88 -
Heel pumps »

Not Rated Bracee Shoe
$31 -
Not rated shoes »

Avenged Sevenfold Aviator Sunglasses
$30 -
Glass shades »


  1. I love this! Great post! I have a nice pencil skirt in my closet, but I'm not sure what top I should pair with it..

  2. CArrie!!! I don;t know what happend Is just wrote you a long.. and heartfelt post and I don't see it published...awww soo sad, what happened??? I hope you got it if not I write you later, but just to tell you that I loved the 3 looks!! I want to get everything on there.. I just perfect!! I can definitely see my sellf in all of them..
    Love ya!!

  3. Hi Crystal! Try your pencil skirt with a great blouse and short jacket...or sweater...small skinny belt...t-shirt and cut fun denim jacket even with some pearls and high shoes! I just love the way it feels when you wear a pencil skirt! la la!
    XO Carrie

  4. Hi Celeste! Oh I am so's so hard to think again about all that you said...Glad you
    love the 3 looks! Try it out...just keep putting different things together.
    XO Carrie


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