Thursday, February 10, 2011



You may confuse people sometimes....but that keeps it interesting.  
This not confusing though...this is perfect.
Super cool classy!  Definitely not confused! Fun, fun, fun!
XO  Carrie
Confusing by Carrie Fabulous featuring a knit long sleeve tee


  1. I'm completely convinced! ;)

  2. I Love all the outfits you put together they are totally gorgeous!!! but sometimes the items you chose are not form here USA or at out of stock, or unavailable, why so? and also I am still searching for my style when it comes to buying and wearing clothes? any advise?
    Have a nice day!!!

  3. Hey Crystal! Thanks...I am not confused about this either! hee hee
    XO Carrie

  4. Hey Celeste! thanks so much for tuning in! Thanks also for the great compliments! Well the particular system I use makes it difficult to use images sometimes. can be limiting. It's a very global. Items that are popular get sold out as well. I try as much as I can to use items easy to get, purchase at a "decent" price, and current. The chance of getting all three are sometimes impossible. Really these sets are good ways to inspire yourself! If you are at store and remember the shirt say in the one set called Dreamers that you liked. You might see a very close version in a store...keep your eyes open. High fashion inspires me. That is how I do it anyway...just find the closest thing. Finding your style? Well how do you see yourself or want to be perceived? Sometimes it's a combo of types. Like you might like Classic like Audrey Hepburn but like splashes of fun like Betsey Johnson.....I will put a list of looks up with names soon and see which one you most relate too! It will be fun! Hope I helped a bit...I am a talker so sorry for the long winded message! XO Carrie


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