Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Happy!

Just Happy!

Isn't it wonderful to feel....just Happy!?  There are those days, and
I just love to take in the moments!  Outfit like this....I think would be
great for those "just happy" days, don't you think?
XO  Carrie

Just Happy! by Carrie Fabulous on
Priestley s Vintage keyhole dress
395 GBP -

Long sleeve knit top
$38 -

iT Jeans cuffed jean
$68 -

Platform shoes
$35 -

Leather bangle
$20 -

Chain jewelry
10 GBP -

Wrap scarve
$20 -

Gandia Blasco - Books Wool Rug
$2,000 -

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  1. Yes, I do think!

    It's beautiful, it makes me think of fresh air and springtime!

  2. Hi Laura! thank you so does just feel like crisp clean air and beautiful new flowers! Lots of new prints coming out that are fun to wear!
    XO Carrie


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