Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laura's Blouses

Laura's Blouses

BLOUSES!  Laura's blouses...for a more classic addition to your wardrobe
look above. 
Anything with a tie is definitely classic.  If white collared try for a crisp white
cotton. Short sleeve, long sleeve, no sleeve are fine additions.  For colors
you just want have the basic colors...but....if you choose a print make sure
it's like leopard that is timeless.   Dots as the short sleeve black one above,
is a nice creative look for these types of classic blouses.
As in my case I am careful what collared blouse I choose...why you say?
Well because I have a short neck....yes...I actually do.  Sooooo what I
try to do is get collarless shirts (if I can).  Like a naru collar or short collar.
When I wear a stand up collar that might be just creates that
head on top of shoulders look that is not good on anyone.  Know thy
self....first lesson!  Honesty is the best policy with ones self....
So check out some of these looks and add one or two or more if you
like.  They are very workable in any wardrobe. 
Watching the Oscars....gotta run!  Love and movies!!!!
XO  Carrie
Laura's Blouses by Carrie Fabulous on
Long sleeve top
18 GBP -

James Perse black top
$245 -

Dorothy Perkins leopard print top
30 GBP -

Long top
$176 -

55 GBP -

Dorothy Perkins cream blouse
27 GBP -

Miss Selfridge blouse
28 GBP -

Printed top
26 GBP -

Dorothy Perkins short sleeve blouse
23 GBP -

Miss Selfridge cream blouse
28 GBP -

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