Saturday, February 12, 2011

Laura's Jackets

Laura's Jackets

Hi Everyone!  This a beginning of a request I received from
Laura.  Approaching 30 she plans on creating a more professional
look for herself. Thirty is not old so I would use fashion pieces with
more classic items. You want to show you still have creativity and
style. So I started with jackets.  If you see Laura on the title it will
be a continuation of basics to add to your wardrobe that are essentials
to a classic look.  This is a guideline so look for items close to these. the camelhair type jackets.  Colors like black, camel,
red are great starts even grey. These don't have to be expensive to
get a great classic look. Don't forget Navy and dark one...great

Trench is great but also khaki (camel, tan, bone, etc.).
Red is hot if you need that boost of color.

*Hint: any of these items in different colors are up to you. You don't
want to limit yourself.

Short fitted...tailored.  Another great option. Worn with any bottom
can be just right.  Play with color here will always be
easy though.

Classic boucle jacket....model wearing the black/white one above.
I have found a great boucle jacket that didn't cost so much that I had
to miss a payment on my car for.  Just look they always pop up in
lots of different stores.  I found one at Charlotte Russe. It was on
sale for $20!!! Yowza, you know that came home with me. Any color
combo can work...that is up to you...just keep thinking Chanel!

Boxy blazer...always a staple in the wardrobe.  Mostly black is
the color to buy.  Works with slacks, fun skirt, and jeans....just
about anything!

Lastly but not the Denim jacket.  This is about as timeless
as you can get.  Denim is a love everyone from Haute Couture
to the most casual of dress.  This look never really goes away!

Hope this has been helpful....experiment with it all.  Try them on
and if doesn't fit you or your look of what you see for yourself then
pass on it.

Remember to keep your eyes open and have fun!
XO  Carrie

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  1. This is the coolest blog! I had a similar idea to do a fashion blog just like this by creating new looks and I am so glad to find someone who did the job first who seems to have my same style! Keep up the great work Carrie!!

  2. Carrie!
    This is a great post! I'll just add my name in my head for posts like these in the future. :) I'm in the same process of creating a much more sophisticated me. I can't be the same party girl from my 20's! I've got a pretty classic taste in clothes but I like to keep things fresh. Thanks for the ideas!


  3. Hi AJ! thanks so very much! It's fun! Keep tuning in ok? The encouragement means alot!
    XO Carrie

  4. Hey Ashley! There come those times to start to evolve into new styles and levels. Happens to all of us for sure! Absolutely add in some sophisticated pieces but remember to keep the splash of fun in there too! Glad you liked it..keep watch for more!!!
    XO Carrie

  5. Hi Carrie!

    Thank you so much, I love these pieces and I'm so touched that you have gone to such an effort to help me.

    Thank you!


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