Monday, February 21, 2011

Laura's Jeans

Laura's Jeans

Laura's Jeans...jeans are always a part of fashion.  Depending on the look
regular wash denims are perfect.  For a more polished look stay away from
the torn or creative washes they treat the denim with.  Classic jeans are like
the ones above.  Dark denim is the best not alot of heavy stitching.  White
is also something you should have in your wardrobe.  White jeans so classic
to have even cropped jeans for summer are super chic.  What I see is a
picture of Jackie O! 
For the upcoming Spring and Summer they are bringing back the 70's style
jeans.  Full flare jeans.  Bootcut is what stands the test of time and fashion!
Just make sure your fit is good.  Expensive jeans are not always better.
I have found jeans that fit Target!  For me labels don't mean a
whole lot...can't remember a time when someone wanted to the see my
label in my pants or, those are J Brands???  Nope,
never.  So wear what looks great and no one is really going to care about
the label.  Besides, once you buy them they are YOUR pants now baby!
Have fun shoppin!

XO Carrie

Laura's Jeans by Carrie Fabulous featuring boot cut jeans


  1. I love jeans! I must wear them most days but it's good to know there is a smarter way of wearing them. Mine a pretty much faded and frayed now.

    Thanks Carrie!

    P.s Love the pictures in this design!

  2. Hi Laura! glad you liked the jeans page. Those are some great pairs to have in your closet all the time for classic looks. The 70's flare jeans are making a comeback so get ready for those.
    XO Carrie


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