Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

When I was a kid I never worried about going outside 
the lines. My sister the true artist, always was so neat in
the lines.  Me, I was in a hurry and just wanted to see the
finished product.  Impatient...hmmmm....Clothes I am never
impatient with...just myself.  Sometimes it screams to be
used in a new and different way.  Sometimes it quietly says
it's just fine the way it is......
XO  Carrie

Outside the Lines by Carrie Fabulous featuring faux leather handbags
Diamond woman shirt -- winter 2011
$40 -
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editor's choice gray wedges
$40 -
Gray shoes »

$56 -
Faux leather handbags »

Black Chiffon Beaded Necklace
20 AUD -
Beading jewelry »

SHEPRA Cashmere Strawberry Pink Scarf
40 EUR -
Pink shawl »

tab floor lamp
$316 -

$46 -


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