Friday, February 25, 2011

Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

The infamous Pencil Skirt....this skirt style has standed the test of
time for sure!
Always a classic and pretty much can look great on anyone.  Friendly
fashion. I took the same skirt and used it 3 ways above.  So look how
you can make the skirt fit with almost anything, any way. 
Hats off to the Pencil Skirt!
XO Carrie

Pencil Skirt by Carrie Fabulous on
Paisley top
26 GBP -

Billabong knit tee
$29 -

Dorothy Perkins black top
26 GBP -

Etoile Isabel Marant cardigan coat
448 EUR -

Jigsaw double breasted coat
79 GBP -

TopShop denim jacket
$85 -

Ruffle pencil skirt
14 GBP -

Zipper shoes
$100 -

Rampage shoes
$79 -

Studded wedge
$30 -

Leather strap watch
$45 -

Sterling silver jewelry
25 GBP -

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$97 -

Bedstu studded belt
$47 -

BKE rhinestone studded belt
$25 -


  1. oh i love what you have done here, pencil skirts are my number 1 fashion staple, how i adore them- with splits, little ruffles, fishtaily pieces, pleats-sighs, or just neatly fitted with a belt. heres to pencil skirts!

  2. Hi Joanna my dear friend! Yes...pencil skirts are hot and elegant all at the same time. When there is something just a little bit added to them make them really fun to create outfits with!
    XO Carrie


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