Monday, February 14, 2011

So Smile!

So Smile

There is always something to smile about....just think about it for a minute.
There will be one thing...then another, and then another.  My denim
jacket makes me's like an old friend.  Been through so many
years and more era's than I would like to admit!  One more hooray for
XO    Carrie


So Smile by Carrie Fabulous featuring beaded jewelry


  1. Yep that's it...keep smilin!!! XO

  2. Carrie!!!! Thanks soo much for commenting on my questions.. it feels so amazing to have someone be in touch w/ you!!!! thanks again for the info about the clothes and also for the help in finding my style, if you dont mind let me tell you about my self, I am a 33 yrs mom of 4! but all of them are under the age of 4! so imagine that, between feeding a baby and doing things with preschoolers my life is crazy!! not to mention taking care of the house and preparing meals, and so on and so on. I do really enjoy when dressing up or down..hahaha.. but I have since I can remember a lot of trouble buying clothes b/c I would like separates but when comes the time of putting them together they don't match or simply don't go together, also I am not a very fan on colored clothes so almost all my clothes are black, with some grey or white but that is about it, also I am pretty body and weight conscious so that is another thing that limits my choices when I am buying another thing that really disappoints me is that I like something on the window or mannequin but when I try it on is totally horrendous on me!! and I hate that!!..also that discourages me on finding my style or even looking into something different of what I am used to. My body type is of a latin girl big legs and hips, also I had my baby almost a month and a half ago so still have babyweight on,I'm 5'3 and weight around 140 lbs. I would love to send you a picture of me so you can have and idea of what I am talking about and also meet me! hahhaha..
    As you can see I am quite a talker to, so I dont mind at all you talking a lot... I actually like it!
    If you would like to contact me my email is
    Thanks a lot for listening to me(well, reading me..haha)
    Looking forward to hear from you!!
    Celeste R

  3. Hi Celeste! My lady, you are a busy girl!!! Isn't it nice to have someone actually reply? I know the feeling. It's so nice that I can be intouch! I really hope to help you in any way that I can.
    The info you gave is great...all of that helps when trying to find your style.
    I know how it feels to buy separates and then get them home and just stare at your clothes. Nothing seems to work! Why? Well you are not alone. I have done that in the past and well...still can do it. I agree with you, alot of color isn't me either. I have alot of the same colors you mentioned as well. Those are classics though and always work. Don't worry about not having enough color. Hits of color are fine. It's mixing it up is where the work needs to be done. Yes and it's those crazy perfect body mannequins that really are tricky.
    I have tried more clothes on than I can carry into the dressing room and came out with....
    nothin! I have a very challenging figure...built more like Sponge Bob! I am 5' 2" have lost some weight so around 117. It's always something I have to watch out for. Alot of styles just aren't right for certain body shapes. Being honest and willing to recognize what truly works and doesn't work is best to do. Sounds like you are there which is great cause that is where great things can happen!
    Wanting to maybe try something new is always a good thing....never be afraid to try! I want to start a series that will you in trying to find your style or a new one! I mix and match my styles which ends up just being...ME! Thank you so much for being so candid and open. Would be fun to shop together! I am so glad you shared your email address with me...we'll be in touch. In the meantime...keep watching - take some notes...and soon you will be on your way to the
    "Celeste Style - That's all her own"!!!!!!
    Stay a strong wonderful mom! Kiss and hug those babies alot!!!
    XO Carrie


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