Friday, February 11, 2011

Three L's

Three L's

The three L's...Live Laugh Love!  What we definitely need to have alot of!
I can see myself doing all of those in this outfit, can you?
XO  Carrie

Three L's by Carrie Fabulous featuring black pumps


  1. Hi gorgeous one, love it, you actaully have me hanging out for winter so i can start covering up and layering...! sorry havent been round to comment on your lovely art lately, having this wonderful site delivered straight to my inbox is wonderful, but then i dont the chance to hence the visit. look after you x

  2. Hi Jgirl! Yep you are going into winter there right? Just look up some of the older sets I did and you will be set for some winter fun with clothes! Take care of you too! We'll be intouch!!
    XO Carrie


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