Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to Rock

Time to Rock

Time to rock this set!  Super fun funky rock! Well that was a
quite the description huh?  Those boots I could live in all
winter long.  I still love those ripped up jeans....when they
got that worn out is when you love them the most!
Here's to your favorite jeans may they love you for a long
XO  Carrie

PS....just want to say THANK YOU so much for tuning in
weather it's everyday or once in a while.  It's fun to share
a love isn't it?  Don't forget leave me your thoughts too!
This is about us inspiring each other!  I want to hear all
about your ideas too! If you have

Time to Rock by Carrie Fabulous featuring asymmetric tops


  1. ah my friend, you create such visual artistry !i'm forever in awe when i see how you seem to effortlessly throw an idea into a piece of artwork! So heres a challenge a funky summer cruise look, costing no more than $100....:) show me your magic! x

  2. Carrie, I think your blog rocks!! haha
    So, I've award you with a blog award!
    See it here:

  3. Hey Joanna! thanks so much! I am gonna try to do your funky summer Cruise look! Watch out for it! XO Carrie

  4. WOW! Crystal thanks so much! I am so excited! I am definitely going to check out my award!
    Big Hug! XO Carrie


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