Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your A Star

Your A Star

Your ARE a star!  Bright and shining! So lets shine in a
outfit like this!  This is just fun style!  So figure out a fun
place to go and wear this!
XO  Carrie

Your A Star by Carrie Fabulous on
Miss Selfridge black top
16 GBP -

Silver Jeans cuffed jean
$72 -

Platform boot
$44 -

GUESS satchel shoulder bag
$125 -

Forever21 bracelet
$5.80 -

Jaeger jersey scarve
50 GBP -


  1. I loved the military inspired blazer so much that I went and bought it - I can't wait until it arrives. It's getting cooler here so it will be an awesome addition to my wardrobe. Your blog is providing me with so much inspiration, I simply love it!


  2. Hi "this fashion lark"....thank you so much! It is so fun to pull these mag pages together! XO Carrie

  3. Hi Kerri! Wow! that is so great! I know don't you love that military type jacket...and you bought it! I am sure you will love it!!!! You can do so many things with it! Use a big belt on top of it! Use it with torn jeans, with great trousers...the list goes on! Wear it well!!! Thank you for telling me that I am inspiring you...that IS my goal! So wonderful to hear that! Thank you so much Kerri!
    From one Kerri to another! hee hee
    XO Carrie


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