Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No.14 Tie Dye?

No. 14

Tie Dye, you say?  Yes, but it's so cute!  Don't you
love the sparkly shoes?  I just know great things
would happen if I wore those.  Even with my
jammies maybe??? 
XO  Carrie

No. 14 by Carrie Fabulous featuring peep toe high heels
All Saints striped tee
$95 -

Friis & Company peep toe high heels
63 EUR -

Pearl handbag
10 GBP -

Forever21 bracelet
$7.80 -

Tattoo Art Lips 2 - Sticker Giant
$1.99 -

In The Frame, The Misfits, 1960
650 GBP -

Wake Up Frankie - 6 Light Black Chandelier
$145 -

Hollywood slate board
$10 -


  1. yes i'm a fan of tie dye, i think it defiantely can have a place in a classic wardrobe too, just all about how its done! ESPICALLY fun with rocker boots and skinny jeans. have a lovely day my friend xo

  2. Cute!, and tie dye is so in this season!

  3. Tie dye is still rockinnn!


  4. I used to hate tie dye, but it has really grown on me. I always associated tie dye with Grateful Dead fans and summer camp projects (usually project gone wrong) and those looks are ugly, but when it's done right it adds that little extra something.

  5. i am all for tie dye!


  6. Hey Carrie, where are those pants from, i just saw them and am in love!!!

  7. Hi Lesya! Those are from Mango! so check out Sorry that was wierd I never realized the pants didn't show up in the list of where to buy! Happy shopping! Thanks for tuning in!!!!
    XO Carrie


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