Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just a bit of Paris Fashion Week F/W 11

 Hailee! What a doll she is! Every time I see her she
is dressed incredibly well! Classic with a hints of fun!
I really want those shoes!

Wow...and who is this? Then I realized
it's Fan Bingbing!  What? You can
have any name if you look like this!


   Anna Della Russo.....big time editor....what
a mix of prints...can't say that I could pull
that much of a print mix off? Notice those flowers
are like florist flowers?
How do you sit in that? I hope they removed them
off the back side....
What do you think?

Alexa Chung. Hmmmm what do you think
about the black legs and shoes with this dress?
Jury is still out on this one with me? How 'bout you?

Ginnifer Goodwin.....I think she likes
her hair really really short. She is cute!
Notice her shoulder pads! They say
they are comin'  back.....hmmmm

Mila Kunis...another one that just
simply knows how to wow! Great
black little dress..fits great! Just simple
and pretty!

I don't know I just love her name!
I think no matter what you wear with
that's awesome!

Look who was there too! BOY!
Such a great voice and music back
in the day!  I love his hat....I think
he needs to touch up his hand tattoo's
their turning icky green.  The makeup
just doesn't go on like it use too....I am
right there with ya Boy....! Love ya!


  1. Wow, thanks for covering this! I should have just gone myself since I only live 2 hours away, haha!


  2. Hi Aryn! See what you missed? hahahha just kidding! I wish one day I will be able to attend! If I can make it next time wanta go together? hee hee....You will probably be my age by the time I will be able to go..sad!
    Have a great day!
    XO Carrie

  3. Yay! Fashion week!

    Alexa Chung is basically mys style icon and whilst I love the dress I don't like the black legs at all. Still think she's fabulous though!

    Thanks for the round up of some great outfits.

  4. Hey (other) Carrie!
    Fabulous post!
    Especially loving Mila!


  5. Gracias Carrie :D
    Love Mila's dress!
    She looks amazing!

  6. sigh! Fashion week! Mila looks gorgeous! Great post! xo

  7. I like the first outfit.

  8. Hailee always dresses so well. Love her style.
    xx Allie


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