Monday, April 4, 2011

No. 31

No. 31

Purple! Isn't it a wonderful color! Been my favorite
since I was little....only I don't wear it so much...
who knows!
XO Carrie

No. 31 by Carrie Fabulous featuring a buckle ring
Floral strapless dress
160 GBP -

Lace high heels
$70 -

Paloma picasso jewelry
1.080 EUR -

BKE buckle ring
$12 -

Hair clips accessory
$7 -


  1. I love purple too! :) I think it's so pretty and girly...I try to wear it from time to time but usually it's in an accessory like a scarf! This is gorgeous, I love the jewellery! <3

  2. beautiful!! maybe we dont wear these colours so much as an adult because we thrashed the love of this colour as a child...haha?! i want those shoes, to add to my rediculous collection of stillettos that i often resort to wearing grocery shopping as my life is so quiet these days! ;) on second thought, i'll buy a new cardigan for winter. keep up the inspiring work Ms C, your very loved.

  3. I know purple is such a great color! Yes Joanna we did use it alot as kids! No time like the present to break it out again huh? Anna accessories is where I do it wear it anymore! Makes great accessories! Glad I was an inspiration!!!! Love you girls!
    XO Carrie


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