Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No. 61

No. 61

All things PYTHON!  Some might be creeped out by python.
I love it!  It has the most beautiful patterns...and varieties
of colors.  Usually python is great just for accents.  If you
go with a dress as above do not and I repeat "do not" wear
any other python..keep it to the dress.  Some of these
are super expensive like the coat $10,000 smackaroonies!
Whew...I fear a real snake gave it up for this one.  I like
really good fakes....nothing real for this girl, except for
maybe a real man!!! hahahhahha  just kidding....:)
XO Carrie

No. 61 by Carrie Fabulous featuring travel bags


  1. Loving these phyton printed items.
    Very cool gathering.


  2. I personally love this print. Such a great one for adding some pizazz to an outfit! =)
    Kristina J.

  3. i absolutly adore snake prints!!! they are so artistic!!!

  4. Ooh python is so bold! I dont think I'd wear a full piece but maybe a belt or something would be cool


  5. Yea I don't think I'm into the snakeprint. I can't seem to imagine it NOT making me look older. I don't know though...maybe in a handbag or shoe, I could pull it off

    Live Life in Style

  6. Hi Sarah and Shasie! thanks for the comments. Yep python is bold but puts that edge into the outfit. All python dress I could wear in a club out dancing! Accessories are the way to go with python adds just that bit of WOW you
    want! Try a simple piece and wear it. You will love it!
    XO Carrie


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