Friday, July 8, 2011

No. 105

No. 105

Turquoise! One great color for summer! I have
noticed alot of girls wearing long print skirts and they
look fabulous.  Found this one and instantly loved it.  I
put these wedges with it but flat sandals would be great
too.  Also if it's need for the light jacket but
thought it was a nice touch if out when gets a bit cool. 
Hope you are enjoying your summer so far? Don't waste
any of these great summer days!
XO Carrie


  1. I do love the turquoise top with that skirt.

  2. I love turquoise! Its a very calm and cold color! :) it surely will look good with tht skirt! :)

    thanks for the blog visit and for the comment! :) aaw really?? You'll follow me too? Thanks very much!! Il wait for it. :)

  3. i need one of these printed skirts!! trying to soak up as much sun as i can this summer!!

  4. Beautiful finds! the espadrilles is like mine! anyhow great post dear! xx Joice

  5. just discovered your blog! i've become a follower too. this is a great post. i loveee those wedges x

  6. Absolutely love the skirt! Great print and length!
    xx Allie


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