Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shoes! and socks? :) :(

Ok...I am in love with these sweet pink shoes! I can't stand
it! They are superb! A-hem...even with the socks they
are adorable in fact the look is this case!

One of many runway trends right now. This has
come and gone so many times all through fashion
history.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it
just doesn't.

Is this a look you love? Or  in small doses and
depends on shoe and sock....take a look, tell
me what you think!
XO Carrie

Well the shoes look cute but I am not convinced about the socks here.

Super cute shoe wow...but the athletic
sock...hmmm again...not for me.

Love the color of those shoes and I don't hate the
socks. Actually with the right ensemble this
could be great.

Ah! Ok whether you love the shoe or hate it this
is just strange. Just because the shoe exists and
the sock for that matter doesn't mean they
should be worn...especially,  together. I may be
creating a fashion faux paus here but this is
not a look to my mind anyways...eeee.

Crazy shoe and crazy sock! It works! I just
hope the outfit above worked with it because
this is a kooky fun look! This just made me
smile! :)

Ok, lastly but not least.  This is I think a cute
shoe. The cut off nylon? Hmmmm...well is there
anything to say? I will end it here with this.
Again just because you can doesn't always mean
that you should! Love to all! Make it a
spectacular day!
XO Carrie


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    xo xo

  2. lol!! reminds me of when i was a child and my mother allowed me to dress myself. i wore socks and sandals or heels lol

  3. ahaha nice one -- I guess this trend started in asia. They're cute <3

    BTW: thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    You may want us to follow each other:) follow me and leave a comment that you followed me via blogspot, twitter or say bloglovin for me to check :) then I'll follow right back.

  4. I like the look of socks with sandals. I think it's really fresh.

  5. Shoes and socks... Although I've done it.. Not nerdy often really depends on the shoe and the sock for sure.

    Luv ur blog btw!

  6. Socks can look so awesome with shoes! I can't pull this look off very well, but I have seen some amazing variations of this.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. HmmmmmI am trying to embrace socks and sandals but somehow I just don't think I can pull it off... But I do have a very lonely pair of ivory fishnet socks that are dying to be worn... What to do?
    Fun post, darling C!


  8. Hi ladies! Thank u much for all of the input! Its fun to have diversity and atyle is what you make of it. Hope you had fun with this post!
    Love to all!

  9. i love wearing shoes and sock that's one of my favorite styles



  10. These are fantastic examples of this done right! Love your blog - following you! :)

  11. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't at all. It's a bold move, but it's always so fun to wear!


  12. Hi Carrie! Personally myself, I'm a shoe socks kinda girl. I also wear heels without socks, but when I'm trying to desexify an outfit I add socks. The right type of socks though.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  13. Hey girl, I just found your blog!

    I never thought I'd be into shoes and socks but as of last year I started getting into it. It can be really cute! Great idea to post about it.


  14. Well I really am a big sucker for shoes and socks, especially in winter! I prefer the 1st pic though more layer. Perth is getting to hot right now. I have to wait til next winter ^^


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