Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Picks

Golden Globes....I love it for many reasons!
Of course the dresses.  The awards and who
they deem worthy of one.  Mostly the inspiration
of it all.  These are normal people who have
"made it"...whether you like them or not
they have attained something incredible.
Hollywood is a place where anything
can happen. Lastly...I still don't think
they give enough kudos to the writers...
screenwriters...just all writers! They
are the initial creators!

Enough said about are
my picks from the Golden Globes.  I chose
five that I liked starting with #5.
Sofia Vergara....This is gorgeous! Love
the color but....this mermaid look is
typical now.  That is why she made

Jessica Alba...#4! So pretty and this looks
vintage to me! Nice color for great
and perfect amount of jewelry! Love that
sparkling smile!

#3 Diane Lane! This is so old Hollywood
to era we need to bring back!
Original styling....color is gorgeous..for
once she doesn't look tired! Very elegant!

Charlize...oh Charlize! Such soft beauty! This dress truly
says I am Charlize Theron!  So pretty...just wish she
would smile more....she has such a gorgeous smile!
This is dress has so many elements of originality. The
color to go with the softness of the material...gorgeous!

My #1! Evan Rachel Wood! Wow! Handmade
for her she said! This is what I expect from
the stars! They have the time, clout, and
money to really do something spectacular.
In my humble opinion though...she needed
at least a spectacular cuff. At least one piece
of amazing jewelry....
If using a stylist...stylists need to step
up their game! This was definitely a
show stopper...whether you like it or
not anyone can appreciate the work
that went into this dress...truly artistic!

Lots of beautiful dresses, just too
many to mention. Wish I was there!
Maybe next year! hahhaha
XO Carrie


  1. so many amazing gowns

  2. My absolute favourite was Charlize! It was a bold, dramatic look, but still maintained so much soft femininity.

  3. These are all gorgeous but I especially like the first one - stunning shape and colour.

  4. I thought Evan Rachel Wood's dress was so pretty. It reminds me of a mermaid. But I don't like the rest of her - accessories, hair and makeup don't work.

  5. Great choices - number 5 and number one are my faves - love the boldness of them! All the ladies look so beautiful though - damn those Hollywood types! xx

  6. Evan Rachel's dress the greatest dress so far, in my opinion! Just loved it, amazing piece.

    Isabel xx

    "I" is for Isabel


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